SESSION A9 – Scotland

7.30pm Sun 26th November – £15

Session A9: Four fiddles, guitar, piano, light percussion, occasional mandolin, a couple of Scotland’s best fiddletune writers, a few songs for good measure and above all, a love of music that gets under the skin, goes to the heart and drives the feet.

With past & present members of Capercaillie, Blazin’ Fiddles, Treacherous Orchestra, Fiddler’s Bid & The Peatbog Faeries in their ranks, Session A9 boast an impressive pedigree & array of talent.

Their stock in trade is their mastery of rhythm. Check the video below – be ready for the satisfying rhythmic leap as it takes off around the 2 min mark and some flashy solo moments on the fiddle later on (you’ll have to listen out, as the camera doesn’t always manage to keep up with the action.) 


If you’ve seen The Story of Saltaire DVD, tracing Saltaire’s history from the 1850’s to the present day, Session A9 are the band shown appearing in Victoria Hall on a previous visit, included in the film as an example of the good things going on in Saltaire today.





8pm Sat 2nd December

Playing a small show with us while in the UK for a festival visit –  a must for any fans of US-influenced guitar & vocal harmony folk.

Iain Matthews started out as the lead male singer on the first two Fairport Convention albums. While Fairport began to delve into music from the English folk tradition, Iain formed Matthews Southern Comfort, continuing to pursue the more US style folk of those two early Fairport albums. They recorded both original material & some outstanding covers, including Neil Young’s “Tell Me Why”, James Taylor’s “Something in the Way She Moves” and most notably Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock”, which went to No.1 here in the UK.

MSC recorded 3 albums in the early 70’s, and Iain has reformed the band on several occasions. He has always been a gifted songwriter and, perhaps rather like Joe South, is one of those musicians whose songs people know, but often don’t realise who wrote them.  As a vocalist he has the knack of reaching right inside his songs to draw out the essence at their very heart, singing protest songs like a man who cares and songs about being in love like a man who is.

This tour will feature the classic gems from those 3 early albums, plus highlights of MSC’s more recent material. Whether you bought the Woodstock single and helped send it to No 1 in 1970, have sung along to Iain’s song “Back of the Bus” at the local sessions, or just like great guitar & vocal harmony, this promises to be a very special gig.




THE YOUNG UNS – We Three Sings

8pm Fri 15th December – £16


The popular Teesside trio don their festive jumpers for just a handful of shows this Christmas – all in parish churches – as they take a lighthearted romp through Christmas past, from carols rooted deep in the soil of Britain’s ancient wassail traditions to original songs of seasonal cheer ….. and heartbreak.

Join the three wise men of folk as they reflect upon and celebrate Christmas in both word and song, bringing seasonal joy and warmth to young and old alike.