SESSION A9 – Scotland

7.30pm Sun 26th November – £15

Session A9: Four fiddles, guitar, piano, light percussion, occasional mandolin, a couple of Scotland’s best fiddletune writers, a few songs for good measure and above all, a love of music that gets under the skin, goes to the heart and drives the feet.

With past & present members of Capercaillie, Blazin’ Fiddles, Treacherous Orchestra, Fiddler’s Bid & The Peatbog Faeries in their ranks, Session A9 boast an impressive pedigree & array of talent.

Their stock in trade is their mastery of rhythm. Check the video below – be ready for the satisfying rhythmic leap as it takes off around the 2 min mark and some flashy solo moments on the fiddle later on (you’ll have to listen out, as the camera doesn’t always manage to keep up with the action.) 


If you’ve seen The Story of Saltaire DVD, tracing Saltaire’s history from the 1850’s to the present day, Session A9 are the band shown appearing in Victoria Hall on a previous visit, included in the film as an example of the good things going on in Saltaire today.




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